Introducing the CNC Wire Cut E.D.M Series produced by SPM.

Point technology of product

Composition of product and development assignment

The wire cut electric discharge machine discharge all the member who controls a processing misfortune feed mechanism and discharge for the wire control device which treats the wire which is a tool and a cooling and processing chip removal energy and control circuit and is composed with CNC systems which control like this whole system Like this each system will be combined the trade name organically and when being operated expense with, as the discharge processor makes the function of optimum display.

Point technology

SPM achieved development of successfully do cnc controller, discharge power supply and controlling element, wire transfer controlling element, processing supply chapter and semiautomatic connection , and developed item is applying in mass production.

CNC controller

CNC systems of the headquarters of SPM use a high-speed signal processing DSP and until the maximum same time 8 axes the control is possible, The maximum equips IO processing functions which until 128 piece are sufficient and only will be able to embody the various function which is necessary to a wire electrical discharge knows, in order for hereafter new the functional embodiment and expansion to be been easy.

Also USB memory leads and PC and communication does and interpreter and the monitoring etc. user interface in order to control from PC, is raising the efficiency of whole system. When cut off the electricity, detect automatic and importance parameter can back up .

Electronic Discharge power unit,Electronic Discharge control device

The Electronic discharge power supply unit authorizes a voltage in between the workpeice and the wire occurring, a assistance discharge condition and with the electronic discharge whole for a main discharge perceives discharge occurs and authorizes the before the electronic discharge of the main electronic discharge whole which is composed. Assistance discharge department variableness is possible to 0 ~ 150 volt, It is device that detect discharge voltage and control so that approve the most efficient discharge pulse according to discharge state.

The main discharge above of hundreds A will be able to supply the quick discharge pulse within possibility us in order, parallel connection MOSFET elements of high speed, is composed. Because need the response high speed, and used FPGA for believability raising and miniaturization composed by all hardware.

Wire controller unit

Feed speed of the wire which is used with the tool, tension etc. influences big in processing speed and quality of wire broken wire and processing degree etc. It is device that control free tension and so on of the transfer speed, wire tension.

Fluid supplier unit

Removed device of discharging heat and cutting CHIP happened when happen processing. Also the sludge happens plentifully and the filter leads and sludge to skip, processing smoothly, in order to accomplish.

The Point Technology which is in the process of development propelling

SPM succeeded in purity localization of wire cut electrical discharge machine that rate of dependence on imports was high but development of do 64bit CNC device who is based on pc to secure universal competitive power and power supply device. For this end oneself technique or school work link to lead develops like this technique.

High precision power supply unit

If processing the beginning ideological processing power supply unit development the within luminous intensity Ra 0.2㎛. Usual beginning ideological all the member until possibility M~ tens Mz raises the frequency of processing voltage and authorizes in the work peice. Authorizes the energy of namely processing at decease high speed and if processing makes a luminous intensity well. Will respect this consequently from the power switch and the efficiency will be good, is in the process of advancing a research about high frequency resonance power supply unit etc. will be able to control at high speed.

Electroless power supply unit

The ion which is melting in processing misfortune will operate and will melt occurs, the work peice also weakens in the work piece. Consequently suppresses the movement of the ion is in the process of advancing a research about interchange high frequency power for.

Real-time communication type

CNC device and servo driver, and various IO system etc. and communication uses fieldbus type and accomplishes with system wiring simply there to be a possibility of doing, also the expansion is easy, there is a possibility ultimately of raising a reliability and a maintenance conservativeness.