Introducing the CNC Wire Cut E.D.M Series produced by SPM.

Development of product

Point technique of wire cut EDM...

Point technique of wire cut EDM... The ultimate objective from unmanned condition to seek the condition of optimum about the work of the parts and form and quality of material of the form which is various oneself about the wire cut EDM, in order to operate, is a development of the system. Is to make the namely artificial intelligence style wire cut EDM. Respects this from in signal processing technique, all the member technique and the point technical outside of design of a machine technical etc. the data base which is accumulated is essential about processing.

starting in Dept. of Software Engineering discharger manufacture that this firm is individual since foundation in 1993, announced NO.1 MACHINE June, 1995 and begin export China and the United States of America since 1999 and export South-East Asia and Turkey etc. and product creativity and stability are receiving proof. With establishment spirit of technical point development and second only domestic market knows is defiant in world market.