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"Wire cut discharge machine production 27 years!"

Our company was founded in 1993 and has been developing wire cut electric discharge machine for 27 years. We have been endeavoring to create a high-level wire cut with the support of many customers. We have developed wire-cut discharge machine with pure domestic technology without foreign technical cooperation, and have become a company that develops, produces and sells the only wire-cut discharge machine in Korea with competitive quality and superior quality in the domestic market dominated by foreign products . In the field of machine tools, which is the foundation of manufacturing, we have developed our own equipment and brand, we are taking a leap to become a product that is exported overseas. Our own company-affiliated research institute is working hard to develop new technology

We produce and supply high-precision wire-cut blower for semiconductor, electric and electronic, mold manufacturing, aerospace and automobile industries. Automatic wiring devices to contribute to manufacturing automation, anti-corrosion discharge, improved surface roughness, and the operating system combined with the latest PC specifications. And also we are committed to creating equipment to meet the demands of the site in order to meet the manufacturing environment by linking the robot department for automation and improving the environment of the workplace. Thank you for your sustained support of our company. We promise to supply more advanced and higher quality machines to our customers in the future, we will do our best to become the more advanced and developing company with the sense of responsibility that we are responsible for only wire cut discharge machine.