Introducing the CNC Wire Cut E.D.M Series produced by SPM.



Wire cut E.D.M is machine of process the metal parts for discharge effect on non-contact condition compare existing machines with using Bites or Tools.

Wire cut electrical discharge machine invented and developed discharge fearful technology by Numerical Control among ion water at Switzerland in 1968 by passivity transfer style at former Soviet Union in 1955. Safety of automated system operation was appeared in the machine work factory being proved, and the diffusion increased rapidly because developing cnc wire cut electrical discharge machine that automatic programming device adheres making use of minicomputer at Japan in 1970.

Wire cut electrical discharge machine is general cutting machine and electricity such as impossible super light alloy, the quenching heat treatment metal, steinless of processing transmits. Suspicious look processing simply, is controlled, Processes with processing power which is small and gives an excessiveness to the machine not to be, Precision is high there is a possibility of processing, There is also processing which is complicated will be able to work easily with numerical control system, To regulate the gap of the die and the punch abridges, there is a strong point whose optional similar processing of magnification and rotary etc. is possible in optional flood control.

Wire cut electrical discharge machine was introduced for the first time at Japan in 1975 in domestic and demand increased rapidly as being used in troy manufacture of third dimension shape and many kind species's special procurements material processing, steel processing of defense industry. Specially, enter to 1980 flues and was realized by essential machine in troy manufacture as being minuteness machine part, household electric appliance, troy of communications equipment and becomes precision.

  • Press troy

    That manufactured auto-component that use press, electronic component, press troy for machine part production of troy manufacture that unuse wire electric-discharge machining at recent times practicality and precision of wire cut discharger are proved being situation that can not imagine, is depending about 50% of press troy in wire processing present.

  • Mold troy

    The situation that dependence of wire electric-discharge machining rises gradually in manufacture process of troy for Plastic parts production that is used on telephone, TV, a hand phone, car etc.

  • Parts processing

    Small quantity many species production lowers product unit cost being generalized, without manufacturing troy than production by expensive troy manufacture way product tendency that process direction discharge become much and is generalized in parts processing of Airline industry and so on specially.