Introducing our SPM with unquestionable challenges and pioneering spirit.


Laboratory establishment background

SPM established march, 1993 together with CNC wire cut EDM development 5 staffs for the technique independence and wire cut market conquest, establishment employees who shareholder and special development employee produced first wire cut machine to intelligible grace in june ,1995 because founders repeat research never relaxing day and night by thorough vocation as our company's foundation Shareholder and company's development full text manpower individual wire cut electrical discharge machine develop and announced, and grow to domestic maximum CNC wire cut electrical discharge machine. SPM made CNC controller, discharge power&controller, Wire feeding controller, fluid supply device, auto wire feeding device ourself for challenge the world market to the second start spirit and established Wire cut machine. In order to develop a wire cut discharge machine relation point of technique by the professional manpower which is advanced in order to respect this more systematic and founded 2002 April “CNC Wire Cut EDM professional laboratories”

Laboratory function & research field

Laboratory research existing product complement and upgrade will guide of course and a market about requirement from field and is research and development the next generation product which will go out. The important area of research with afterwords is same.

Precise location control technique
The demand of the customer little by little precision termination, also wants a formation etc. discrimination is the tendency where hereupon suits the precise control technique for needs. Specially the research position error with smallest, vibrating suppression method and nonlinear control technique, accomplishes a research about mechanical variation etc., Respects this the linear scale applied the full-cross, drop control which releases is accomplishing variation prediction plan etc. of the feed shaft plan which uses of course linear motor and the machine which leads a structural analysis.
High precise discharge power supply unit development
Prevents the crack and the rust of the work the electroless power supply unit for is in the process of accomplishing a research about high precise power supply unit etc. improving, for the high precise power supply unit to do and a precision and an ostensible luminous intensity.

Auto wire feeding unit
Development completes the wire feeding unit system of success rate 95% or more below 0.10mm diameters, is an thin line Wire automatic feeding system development.

Discharge algorithm development
Discharge condition adaptive control, corner control and difference processing etc. processing is stabilized only, speed improves and the spur in the various algorithm development which is the possibility of getting a precision inflicts.