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Wire Cut E.D.M that product from SPM is play an important role of render great service to the competitive goods in korea. SPM is the most big company as "Wire Cut E.D.M" of expert company. SPM announce "Quality Policy" as follow for nation industry development
1. Secure of Goods Quality
SPM supply and product good's promised with customer according to quality administration guide of KSA 9001 / ISO 9001.

2. Daily of Unification administration system
SPM will find matter of customer's inconvenience, dissatisfaction, improvement requires and make a daily should reflect the marketing rapidly to the products, R&D, Unification administration system of production.

3. Development of super-precision goods
It will be develop the super-precision products of high value added to use super-precision circuit industry and make a great contribution to nation key industries. SPM produces “the wire cut E.D.M” point of parts industrial development being, depth keeps in mind and the former staff does best all in the quality security which is perfect.